Market-Class For Business Schools

Market-Class is an online investment experience designed to hone your students' abilities to analyze, strategize and agonize over market scenarios. By applying what they've learned in the classroom, you and your students can experience how their decisions uniquely determine market outcomes.

The workflow for universities is designed around providing students with a market environment reflective of the real-world and requires them to manage a large mutual fund.

For the Professors

Complete flexibility to customize a simulated market around your syllabus as well as having complete transparency into your market and the investment strategies being deployed.

For the Students

Students register for your market and complete a risk assessment to provide the option for having risk-grouped students in the same fund. Once organised into a fund, students define their investment strategy and then evaluate: geopolitical environment, industry and corporate performance, and the bond market. They will invest in growth companies, value companies, high yield or a mix. Some will choose a diversified strategy across assets while others will stay concentrated around a few investment theories.

For the Instructor

Instructors can choose our standard simulation or extensively modify the game.

  • Customization allows instructors to define:
  • Grouping of teams based on students risk assessment
  • Assets available and phasing of assets released into their market
  • Number of simulated years
  • Merger activity of the companies in the market
  • Amount of breaking news items and when to release to the students
  • Bespoke news items, enabling the instructor to direct a sequence of events in the simulation
Uniquely Insightful

Asset prices respond to the buy and sell demands in your market alone. The fund managers/teams in your market all have access to the same information, news and financial data. It is their skill, their strategies, their interpretations, their insights, their actions that determine the outcomes in your market. With price movements and aggregated orders fully transparent, analysis of market outcomes is right at hand.


  • Online and Customisable
  • Phase the Release of Asset Types
  • Configure the Number of Simulated Years
  • Unlimited Number of Teams

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