Market-Class For Corporations

Market-Class is an online portfolio management experience designed to sharpen your employees' skills with scenarios that reflect the real world. Enabling them to fine-tune their understanding of a portfolio manager's workflow and issues. For those employees that work directly with investment professionals, we have designed customized programs that provide them the portfolio manager experience through modules ranging from a one hour introductory module to a more comprehensive multi-week module. The workflows within corporations are diverse, so Market-Class has designed a flexible solution that can be molded into the needs of the training experience.

The key themes we focus on for the professional are:

  • Defining an investment strategy based on risk preferences
  • Valuing publicly traded companies in a dynamic environment
  • Identifying the flow of funds across asset classes
  • Translating news into expected financial performance
  • Managing a large portfolio that moves markets
  • Competing against other portfolio managers and a benchmark

These are the identified uses, but the Market-Class simulation is a foundation for experiential learning and is flexible to meet many use cases to assist the training of professionals that deal directly or indirectly with the markets.

Uniquely Insightful

Asset prices respond to the buy and sell demands in your market alone. The fund managers/teams in your market all have access to the same information, news and financial data. It is their skill, their strategies, their interpretations, their insights, their actions that determine the outcomes in your market. With price movements and aggregated orders fully transparent, analysis of market outcomes is right at hand.


  • Online and Customisable
  • Phase the Release of Asset Types
  • Configure the Number of Simulated Years
  • Unlimited Number of Teams

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