Learning Case Example


University of Exeter

Client Need:

The school had two principal aims in its brief for us for the Postgraduate and Undergraduate students on its Finance programme.

  • encourage ‘learning by doing’ by providing a situation where the students can apply investment theories and strategies and analyse the outcomes to improve knowledge and understanding
  • sharpen the skills and aptitudes that employers find highly valuable such as team-working, decision-making, analytical thought and communication skills.

Market-Class provided a 10-week simulation within the Finance curriculum such that both Postgraduate and Undergraduate students could invest in the market simultaneously.

Benefits and Outcomes:

Asset prices in Market-Class simulations only respond to the orders placed by the participants, so the final rankings of fund performance (risk and return) were determined by their actions alone, enhancing learning value too.

150 Postgraduates and 30 Undergraduates completed the Portfolio Investment module based around Market-Class.

  • 35 teams were formed: 29 Postgraduates, 6 Undergraduates, organised by ‘Risk’ profile and encouraging new networks to form
  • Group assignments completed by all 35 teams, articulating their investment strategies and assessment of outcomes against those strategies.
  • Award evening recognising performance of both Postgraduate and Undergraduate teams.
  • Excellent student and Professor feedback