People Case Example


Thomson Reuters

Client Need:

To provide an interactive simulation to act as a catalyst for bringing people together in teams: teams diversified by international boundaries and business divisions. Other client objectives were to provide these back-office staff with customer experiences and to maximise their investment in eLearning.


Market-Class provided a 7-week simulation, with 27 teams of 3-4 people formed from the United States, UK, Poland, France, India, Australia, Philippines, and China and across the client’s three main business divisions.

4 eLearning modules, on Investment and Portfolio Management, were selected from the client’s Learning Management System to complement the simulation.

Benefits and Outcomes:

All 27 teams were organised to diversify people from their usual location, and/or, their business division and achieved the client’s key objective of building new internal networks. A post-simulation survey was used to gauge success on the other dimensions, and the results included:

  • 98% stated that Market-Class had helped their understanding of the experiences and challenges of investment professionals
  • 90% stated that simulation + eLearning modules improved/significantly improved their investment and portfolio management understanding
  • 96% would recommended Market-Class to colleagues